<h1>Diploma Requirements & Why LCM?</h1>

Diploma Requirements

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Every effort is made by the College faculty to customize a program that is flexible and suitable to the need of the individual student.
However, no program can adequately equip for the ministry to which God has called you. You will be given the tools and shown how to use them. The development of this knows - how is the student’s responsibility and should continue throughout life and ministry.

As a part of the application process, the student will be assigned to the appropriate diploma level by the dean. Consideration will be given to age, ministry experience, previous earned degrees, publications, leadership role, etc. Once assigned, advanced standing in that particular diploma level may also be awarded by the registrar for up to half the diploma requirements, in conformance with LCM advanced standing criteria.


  • Low tuition
  • Time payment plan
  • Centraly located
  • Flexible entrance requirements
  • Local pastors participate in the teaching process
  • LCM relates well to Third World realities
  • Credits offered for life experience
  • Friendly and approachable faculty
  • Programs leading to Ordination and Credentialing
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Week-end seminars
  • Distance Education Programs – Earn a Diploma from home.
  • Age qualification – from 18 to 80 years old.
  • No need to qualify academically for the one year Diploma Program.
  • Go at your own pace – A Diploma can be earned in as little as six months or as long as 5 years.
  • Free private tutoring when required.
  • Credit giving for life experience and educational from various fields of learning.
  • Great opportunity for Pastors and Missionaries to up-grade in our diploma programs.
  • Courses can be audited.
  • Students from all Nationalities and Cultures welcome.
  • Custom designed programs for specific ministries.
  • Library on campus
  • Your DREAMS can become a reality a Liberty College of Ministry.

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The graduating student, after having successfully planted and nurtured a local cell group church for a minimum of two years or has had two years of successful ministry in another field, may be considered for ordination and credentialing with LIBERTY WORLD MINIS- TRIES INC. and for Provincial credentialing for the purpose of performing ‘Marriage Ceremonies.’

“The people who harness their heart to mighty tasks, often see their dreams become reality” – Luther Burbank.

Liberty College of Ministry trains and equips men and women for leadership position in local churches, in trans-local church ministries, and in the workplace. It provides an earned training credential for church, para-church, and workplace ministers who desire ordination, licensing, or other forms of public recognition. Its goal is to equip leaders with necessary skills for effective ministry.

The educational paradigm of Liberty College of Ministry differs considerably from the traditional academic models of ministry. The new methodology of training, following patterns of contemporary adult education, is not based exclusively or even primarily on a classroom format, programmed to meet predetermined academic standards. Rather it incorporates a variety of learning events and experiences, which are offered as a basis for earning training credits.
“College students should not necessarily be taught traditional dogmas, but rather aspects of the education process should be that of deprogramming much of what has previously been learned. How often it is merely intellectual, scholastic, traditional and many of us have found by bad experience that God has put us to school again to unlearn what man has crammed into our brains” - Dr. A. B. Simpson founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Training credits accumulates as each student moves toward ministry diplomas on various levels. Our focus on training is both on impartation and on information. This is not to deny the importance of information, but rather it is to affirm that relevant information will be provided in a context of imparting skills and anointing for practical ministry. Furthermore, ministry in the Spirit receives equal emphasis to ministry in the Word and truth.

Liberty College of Ministry strives for a smoothly functioning, pain-free government. Liberty College is governed by a chancellor, assisted by a dean who is appointed by the chancellor. The chancellor is accountable to the Board of Directors of Liberty World Ministry Inc. a Board of Regents is nominated by the chancellor and approved by the Board of Directors of Liberty World Ministries, the parent organization of Liberty College of Ministry. Members of the Board of Regents serve indefinite terms, and they can only be removed by the Board of Directors of Liberty World Ministry. Their primary function is to support and encourage the chancellor.
The officers of Liberty College of Ministry are:
Dr. Duane F. Steeves, DD, Chancellor
Dr. Hans Abma, M.A., M.Ed. Dean
Rev. Randy Gallinger, Instructer

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The student body is small and consists of men and women from all cultures and walks of life who have a sincere desire to prepare for Christian ministry. To apply, the individual must be at list
18 years of age. No previous academic credentials are required for entrance into any of the
Diploma programs. Those who have been involved in lay ministries such as, deacon, elder, Sun- day School teacher, prayer leader, small group cell leader, worship leader, etc. should inquire whether their accumulated experience in active volunteer lay ministry, over a significant period of time might apply to their ministry admission requirements.
LCM programs are designed to provide both pre-service and in-service training for ministry.


Liberty College of Ministry affiliated with Canada Christian College, ON Canada in 1996, and through its ‘Sisterhood Relationship’ with Canada Christian College, has the benefit of their accreditation with the ‘Association of Christian Schools International,’ ‘Canadian Association of Bible College,’ for it’s Degree Programs. LCM also holds, membership with Wagner Leader Institute, and the ‘Apostolic Council for Educational Accountability’ (ACEA); which provides peer- level evaluation on a regular basis, through relationships with other educators, who share a simi- lar paradigm for ministerial training.


Liberty College of Ministry upholds biblical standards of ethics and morality in every area of life. Enrolment in, employment by, or voluntary service to LCM includes a commitment by each individual to adhere to Godly standards of conduct and lifestyle. While this applies to all areas of thought and life, it should be explicitly understood that LCM believes that heterosexual union must be reserved for marriage and insists on sexual abstinence for the unmarried. LCM holds that premarital, and homosexual relationships are inconsistent with the teaching of Scripture and will not be tolerated in the LCM community.


The Liberty College of Ministry position itself, in the evangelical theological stream of Protestant Christianity. It adheres to the ‘Apostles Creed’ and to the core doctrines of the Protestant Reformation. The Bible is the ultimate and essential authority of all Scripture for Christian faith and practice, justification by faith, and the priesthood of all believers. It believes in the Trinity and that Jesus was born of a virgin, that He was physically raised from the dead and that an individual’s personal relationship to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour determines the individual eternal destiny in Heaven or in Hell. The fulfillment of Jesus’ ‘Great Commission’ to make disciples of all nations is central to the focus of Liberty College of Ministry.

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