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"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." Proverbs 29:18a


Liberty College of Ministry Page 12


MI35 History of Missions and Missions Today: A survey of World Missions over the last 250 years. Evaluating the success and failures of those Movements and lessons we can learn from them.
MI44 World Religions: An outline study of the world’s major Religions.
TH10 Israel in Prophecy: The enigma of the Jews and the Arabs; wounded spirits in a promised land; the Arab World in God’s plan – and who owns Palestine.
TH11 Book of Acts: Exposition; a study of the history and formation of the early church and how it was led, directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit; strategies for establishing new churches.
TH12 Book of Revelation: Exposition on – The Return of Christ – The Church and the Great Tribulation – The Millennium – Signs of His Coming.
TH14 Romans – chapters 1 – 8: Bible Doctrine – Exposition on the following subjects – Sin; Repentance; Law and Grace; The Atonement; Justification; Sanctification; The Resurrection of Christ.
TH16 Lifestyle and Child Evangelism: Teaches the principles and methods of one on one evangelism. How to win someone confidence, that his or her heart would turn to Christ. Building a bridge and how to lead them to the Savior.
TH17 Prayer and Intercession: A study of the Doctrine of Prayer and Example from the Bible and biography.
TH20 Preacher’s anointing for power in Service: Covering the subject from the Bible Text; and citing examples from biography of those who have ministered with an anointing power.
TH22 Spiritual Warfare: Exposition of Biblical Texts such as Ephesians 6:10 – 20. In- structing how the believer can recognize strongholds and effectively deal with it. Learning how to overcome the devil’s strategies and to be victorious for the Lord Jesus Christ.
TH24 Attributes of God: Exposition on what God is like in nature and manifestations as seen from the Scriptures and experience.

Liberty College of Ministry Page 13


TH25  Systematic Theology: A survey of the following – Theology Proper (The Doctrine of God); Christology (The Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ); Pneumatology (The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit).
TH32  The Victorious Christian Life:  How to live the Spirit filled and Spirit controlled life.
TH34  Miracles: Divine Healing, signs and Wonders – showing the Biblical basis for miracles. The primary focus is on the value of miracles, signs and wonders, showing how they confirm the Word of God in ministry; with a primary emphasis an the Third World.
TH30  Eschatology (Prophecy): What the Scripture teaches about the Antichrist and the False Prophet – Mark of the Beast and the Cashless Society – Battle of Armaged- don – The Rebuilding of the Temple – The European Confederacy – America, Russia, China, and Iraq (Babylon) in Prophecy – The False Peace.
TH36  Life and Teaching of Christ.  
TH38  The Book of Ephesians: . An analysis and expository study
PM12  Leadership: Characteristics of a good Leader (Dr. Stephen Olford’s definition of a good Leader – “Bent knees; wet eyes and a broken heart.”
PM16  Counseling: A Biblical Foundation for Counseling.
PM19  Understanding Grief & Care-giving: This teaching is developed to help you to look into the various aspects of grief, including the meaning, recognition of losses, emotional reactions, normal grief response, and the uniqueness of one’s own grief.
PM31  Ministerial Ethics: Overcoming Temptation, The Ministers Family and Finances.
Guiding principles so as to ‘avoid every appearance of evil.’ How to have a bibli- cal home, and sound financial principles.
PH18  *Composition and Required Reading: . Learning how to write essays effectively.
Readings required essays
M20  Pastoral Theology: On how to conduct Communion services, Weddings, Baptism, Dedications, Funerals services.

Liberty College of Ministry Page  14



Diplomas do not certify levels of academic attainment, but rather accumulation of training credit units. No time limits are imposed on the attainment of any of the diplomas. A diploma certifying graduation from each level is awarded on the basis of accumulating the required number of training credit units.


Liberty training credit units can be earned through classroom courses, conferences, seminars, ministry trips and events, writing projects, independent study, prescribed ministry involvement, short-term missions, video or audio courses, cyber courses, supervised apprenticeship, and other designated learning experiences.


While LCM is not a correspondence school, it is nevertheless recognized that many students find it very difficult to travel outside of their own community in order to attend classroom courses or LCM certified events. Many students also desire to develop reading courses tailor-made to their needs. Some projects directly associated with an individual’s ministry deserve to earn training credits. Authors may desire to receive credit for writing books and articles. Mission trips and prayer journeys are recognized learning experiences. At the same time, personal contact with both core and adjunct faculty is important for impartation and anointed ministry training. In order to balance these two benefits, at least 50% of the Training Credits Units required of students in each of the four diploma levels in LCM must be earned through classroom courses or through approved conferences.

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