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College Objectives

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Objectives of Liberty College of Ministry

College Objective


Love has a hem to her garment that trails in the very dust; it can reach the stains of the streets and lanes, and because it can, it MUST!


To see modern day prophets raised up, who will fearlessly call the nations back to God and repentance as did the Prophets of old, and call the church back to the Bible and the great Biblical truth’s of the Christian faith!

Harvard’s original stated purpose for its students was: “To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ....” One requirement of students was that “Everyone shall so exercise himself in reading the Scriptures twice a day that he shall be able to give an account of his proficiency therein.” Princeton’s founding statement was, “Cursed is all learning that is contrary to the cross of Christ.” These quotations show just how far universities and colleges have moved from God and the Bible in the last two centuries!

There is a colossal falling away from Biblical truth today and from the great truths and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith! The Bible is often no longer the sole foundation of our faith. Testimony and emotion has all too often become the cornerstone of true Biblical experience. Faith in Christ and His shed blood alone must be the sole foundation of biblical experience. The vision of Liberty College to train ambassadors of the cross of Christ is more relevant and necessary today than perhaps any other time in history!

Today God is calling out Heaven-sent and Holy Spirit anointed men and women, preaching with an Holy Spirit anointing, turning multitudes to Christ and righteousness. What is needed today is not more programs, but more power and anointing – “But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you…” – Acts 1:8! We believe that God is calling many more to finish the task of world evangelization and usher in the return of of our Lord Jesus Christ!

LCM aims to meet the need of both ‘Traditional Ministry Leadership’ and the ‘New Apostolic Reformation Leadership.’ For literally thousands of these leaders, the present traditional educational system designed for Christian ministers is virtually inaccessible and not practical.
The College aims to see more modern day, Holy Spirit filled Pastoral Leaders who will with great compassion and tenderness, Feed the Sheep – Strengthen the weak – Heal the sick – Bind up the broken hearted – Restore the Backslidden – Win the Lost – Lead with gentleness, even as did our Lord. The Scripture says of Him, “When He saw the multitudes He was moved with compassion on them.”
Never before in the history of the Christian church has the need been greater for Holy Spirit filled and Holy Spirit empowered ministry. Both men and women are needed whose hearts are filled with the love of God, who will minister the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, and yet with great tenderness and compassion.

John Wesley trained approximately 600 Lay Ministers, they conducted cell type home group ministries and itinerant evangelism. These men of God did not for the most part minister in the established churches. Their mission was to plant and establish local cell type churches. The emphasis was evangelism. Wesley ministered with such love and Holy Spirit power, that those who heard him could not resist his message.
Men like Wesley are Spirit Filled and Anointed, and are walking close with the Lord Jesus in the very deepest places of their lives. This is the kind of Godly model the Christian Church needs from her leaders in every generation. May God raise up more of the same today! No program can adequately equip for the ministry to which God has called you. However, you will be given the tools and shown how to use them. The development of this know-how is the student’s responsibility and should continue throughout life and ministry.

“They that go forth weeping bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again bringing their sheaves with them” – Psalm 126:6. “Bible schools do not teach tears” – Leonard Ravenhill. Our ministry at LCM is to prepare people for the work of the ministry - Ephesians 4:11–13. The objective of Liberty Fellowship of Evangelical Ministers is to assist in sending them.

The College Offers The Following Diploma Programs

  • One Year Associate of Practical Ministries Diploma ~ A.P.M.

  • Two Year Bachelor of Practical Ministries Diploma ~ B.P.M.

  • Two Year Bachelor of Christian Counselling Diploma ~ B.C.C.

  • Two Year Bachelor of Leadership Excellence ~ B.L.E

  • Three-Year Master of Practical Ministries Diploma ~ M.P.M.

  • Three Year Master of Christian Counselling Diploma ~ M.C.C. (presently inactive)

  • Four Year Doctor of Practical Ministries Diploma ~ D.P.M.

We at Liberty College understand that many who have been called into ministry are presently working in some vocational career and are unable to attend our regular 9 to 3 daytime classes. Evening classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Day classes on Wednesday.
We also will assist full time students in finding living accommodations if and when needed

*Overseas Ministry Assistance.

LCM personnel will assist those wishing to be involved in overseas evangelism, as the training program includes, organized overseas evangelistic thrust for those with adequate financial backings. We at the College are aiming to develop a third world student exchange program.

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