What the Alumni Say


Left to right: Rev. Troy Gaglardi – Rev. Vivian
Leigh Holly – Rev. Randy Gallinger

I was introduced to Liberty College through a student and long time co-worker in prison ministry. As I was challenged through the study of the Word through teaching and life experience, my relationship with the Lord Jesus deepened. I became a deeper thinker and a more effective witness for Jesus. If you are bent toward further study of the Word, I would recommend that Liberty College be your next step! Servant of the King of kings!
Rev. Troy Gaglardi.

What attracted me to Liberty College was their vision statement, this motivated me to enroll in their required courses and to diligently study. With anointed teachers of God’s Word, my spiritual life blossomed to maturity. As a graduate student and now an ordained minister, I must say, “Thank you Liberty College.”
Rev. Vivian Leigh Holly.

Liberty College has been a great blessing to me. I have learned many truths and uncovered many lies. The Holy Spirit led me to Liberty and is ‘moving’ at Liberty. I hope and pray that this will continue far into the future, until Jesus returns. My goal is to reflect the motto of the College, “Don’t go where the path leads. Go where there is no path and leave a trail.” Dare to be different! Embrace the Holy Spirit in your life! Rev. Randy Gallinger.

The Biblical expounding at the Liberty College has been invaluable to me in my ministry as a pastor, not only in the practical aspects which both reveal and clarify the Scriptures but also with pastoral areas. The debating evening showed where the spiritual questions about our lives are relevant, exploring basic and in-depth questions that many Christians will be thinking but have no arena in which to air them. The college continues to be an oasis of teaching where thirsty Christians can come and drink, no matter what stage of the journey they are at.
Pastor/Tchr. Rev. Jorge A. Beltrán BME, MPM.

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