From The President's Perspective

If your heart yearns to serve in Christian ministry and your heart burns with the call of God in your life, now is your opportunity to be used of God in these exciting days.

Through LCM programs you could be ready for a full time Ministry in just 1 Year.

The unique design of the Liberty programs will allow you to learn how to use your God-given Talents and Gifts in Church Ministries and Biblical Social Action. You will learn from local Pastors, Evangelists, missionaries, Bible Teachers and qualified LCM instructors.

The emphasis in our Programs is not on academics as such, but on the Spirit filled life and a Holy Spirit empowered Ministry, where the Gifts of the Spirit are enhanced by the fruit of the Spirit, which is evidenced in committed Christian living and service.

The church is looking for better methods, while God is looking for better men. May God help us to grasp the concept of the Moravian Brethren of the 17th century who went forth taking as their motto: “To win for the Lamb who was slain, the reward of His suffering.”

As President I would like to take this opportunity to offer you the new student, a beginner’s break. The first course of your program will be completely free! Our desire is to make LCM a place where DREAMS come true!


Rev. Dr. Duane F. Steeves, DD

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