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Working together for a better tomorrow!
Liberty World Ministries Inc.

Liberty World Ministries inc.

Dr. D. F. Steeves

“Isn’t it strange that princes and kings, and clowns that caper in sawdust rings, and common folk like you and me are builders for eternity. To each is given a bag of tools; a shapeless mass and a book of rules, and each must make ere life has flown, a stumbling block or a stepping stone” ~ R. Lee Sharpe

A Message from the Director

The organized church must endeavor to move in a new direction! It needs to be on the ‘cutting edge’ of what God is doing from a spiritual perspective and from a social perspective.

“We are living in an age hopelessly below the New Testament pattern, content with a neat little religion” – Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, MD

We must implement a more progressive approach to change, a change that reflects the need for being more personal, individual and relational; if we are to bring Hope and Healing to our generation!

I have always been impressed with the way the Lord Jesus confronted Zacchaeus, in the encounter with him on the Jericho Road. In Luke’s Gospel chapter 19, verses 1-10 we read the account and this is how it transpired in a contemporary idiom. Zaccheaus was small in stature and wanted to see Jesus, so he climbed up into a tree for a better view; Jesus saw him and looked up in the tree. Zacchaeus said to himself; He sees me. Then Jesus called Zacchaeus by name, and Zaccheaus said; He knows me. Then Jesus said, Zacchaeus you come down. Zacchaeus said; He is interested in me. Then Jesus said, Zacchaeus come and visit with me in your home today. Zacchaeus said; He values me, and as a result of that personal encounter, Zacchaeus immediately responded and had a radical transformation of character and lifestyle, he had a ‘spiritual rebirth’ as described in John’s Gospel chapter 3 - now that Beloved was a personal, individual and relational encounter! Like Zacchaeus, everyone wants to be recognized, understood, loved, accepted and forgiven by both God and man – as Christians, we must seek to find where people fit into this equation!

In Matthew’s Gospel chapter 25, verses 35-40, we find another example of the ministry of the Lord Jesus having a personal, individual and relational approach to people, when He said,

" I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes,
I was sick and you stopped to visit,
I was in prison and you came to me
I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you
did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me
– you did it to me

 - Navpress

Again, hear the words of the Lord Jesus in Mark’s Gospel when He said, “…Those that are well have no need of a physician, but those that are sick…” It is so very wonderful to realize, that the Lord God of heaven and earth would eat and drink with people as ourselves on a personal level!

Our generation will only come to God, when it sees new demonstrations of the great love of God in practical ways!

The Lord Jesus then went on to say, “Now is the time to pour new wine into new bottles” – Mark 2:22

As we dare to change our thinking – we change our world!

Duane Steeves



Liberty World Ministries was incorporated Federally in 1982, as a Relief and Development Organization, Missionary Society, and Church Planting Ministry, with the Head Office in Abbotsford, BC.

Liberty World holds a charitable status with Revenue Canada and has for the past 25 years. It is operated by a duly appointed Board of Directors and an administrative staff of dedicated Christians from various walks of life, who desire to be guided by the Holy Spirit in ministering to the humanity's needs.

This ministry began in response to a vision that General William Booth had, when he saw multitudes perishing in a turbulent sea with no one to rescue them. As a result of this vision, I could no longer deny the desire of my heart to reach those unreached perishing souls! In 1978 I traveled to more than 40 countries of the world observing the great neglected areas of human need, that had not yet been reached with the gospel, and seeing the wretched plight of humanity, I was deeply moved, wept and cried out to the Lord of The Harvest - oh Lord send me into that harvest!
After much prayer Liberty World Ministries Inc. came into being, providing a 'holistic' ministry encompassing spirit, mind and body. Liberty World principles are based on the teaching of the Bible as found in Matthew's Gospel chapter 25:31-36; 28:18-20.


To respond fervently to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ as seen in the Gospel of Matthew 28:16-20, in sharing the good news of the Gospel to as many as possible, as expeditiously as possible and with the utmost compassion, grace, understanding, and respect to the cultural differences.


The priority of Liberty World Ministries is the sharing of the Good News to those throughout the world, who have not had an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

For I have an obligation to all peoples, to the civilized and to the savage, to the educated and to the ignorant” - Romans 1:14 - Good News Bible.


Our aim is to make the Gospel available in the following practical ways

1)  Recruit, train and send anointed servants of the Lord locally and in many countries

2)  To establish churches in these countries, that they who have responded to the Gospel, will in turn follow the pattern of the Book of Acts, in living and sharing the Good News with those who have not yet responded to the Gospel of Christ

3)  To be involved in relief and development programs  

4)  To ordain and credential ministers Provincially across Canada and in other countries.

Liberty World Ministries provides for an affiliation and a ministry covering for Churches, Pastors, Ministers, Ministries, Missionaries and Mission Societies and has for many years. We can also provide interim Pastors, and Ministers for churches who are temporarily without leadership. We extend an invitation to those desiring an affiliation and an ministry covering!    
Contact: Dr. Duane F. Steeves DD

To my many supportive ministry friends

     Please allow me to say how very much you are appreciated. Without your help and faithfulness, we never would have come this far. However, we still have a long way to go! Teamwork enables us to accomplish what otherwise would be impossible. Being a team member and a team player, gives an opportunity to realize ministry Dreams!

    I want to take this opportunity to invite people from all walks of life to come and join with us in this ministry experience!

Pastor Duane Steeves

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